Friday, August 21, 2009

This is a project that I am currently working on.
It is a showroom for a granite business
located in Orem.
Axon View
Potential water feature for picture window.

Working kitchen in showroom.

Arial view of the showroom

I did my internship with Pace Interiors in Salt Lake
and here are some examples of what I am allowed to show.
This is an elevation drawing from a clients house.
This is furniture plan of some work we did in Park City

This is the cover to a wedding video I had the opportunity to do for my cousin.
This is a photo project where I was assigned to take a photo from a magazine and recreate it by hand and by computer.
This is the hand rendering of the magizine photo.

This is the original photo from the magazine.

This is the computer rendering of the photo.
I used CADD, Viz, and Photoshop.

Calla Lily Chair
A scaled model of a chair I designed in college.
This is the second floor of the residence hall.

This is a residence hall designed for a space planning class I took.
For an art class, I was assigned to create an image, so I decided to draw and abstract image of a horse in CADD and applied color to it in Photoshop.
This is a scaled model of a 500 sq/ft house I designed for school. We did presentations documents of the house as well as construction documents.
This is a picture of a kitchen that was given to my Photoshop
class to render and this is my version.